Foreign Employment Scholarship Application Open for Students by Government

Government of Nepal, Ministry of Labor, Employment & social security published a notice regarding scholarship ( foreign employment scholarship). All concerned to apply for the Foreign Employment Scholarship in the educational institution where he/she is studying in the format as per Schedule (1) of the Foreign Employment Scholarship Procedure, 2071 BS by mid-Ashwin 2077 BS. This information has been published for the information of the stakeholders.

Scholarship for the session 2077 will be provided. Documents to be attached with the application (for those who have not yet received the scholarship)
1. Copy of worker’s work permit.
2. A copy of the citizenship of the petitioner’s guardian
3. Copy of death registration certificate of the worker who died in the same course while going for foreign employment.
4. Copy of passport of the worker to be proved to have received financial assistance from the board and passport no.
5. Proof of complete disability of a worker who has gone for foreign employment and becomes disabled in the same order.
6. Copy of student’s birth registration.
7. Copy of proof of the relationship between applicant, guardian, and worker.
8. Recommended local level.

Documents required for children receiving scholarships
1. Student Application letter request.
2. Recommendation letter to open the class of the school being studied.

The Government of Nepal has set up the Foreign Employment Board for the purpose of promoting the foreign employment business, making the business safe, orderly and dignified and protecting the rights and interests of the workers and foreign employment entrepreneurs going abroad for employment. The ward is formed. The Foreign Employment Board has a secretariat to conduct the regular work of the ward.

So far, the board has been mainly providing financial assistance to the families of the deceased, medical expenses for the sick and disabled, assistance in bringing corpses stranded abroad, internal insurgency in the employer’s country, rescuing workers stranded due to economic recession, conducting public awareness programs, and running safe houses abroad.

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