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Lumbini Pradeshik Hospital Job Vacancy Notice in various Posts

Lumbini Provincial Hospital Butwal published a vacancy notices in various posts & level. Lumbini Pradeshik Hospital has demanded 80 employees. The hospital has called for contract staff in 80 posts from the fourth to ninth levels.

The highest demand is for 20 medical officers and 23 staff nurses. The hospital has ninth level Consultant Radiologist, Consultant Pathologist, Consultant Medical Generalist, Consultant Anesthesiologist, Consultant Gynecologist, Consultant Nephrologist, Consultant Neurosurgeon, Consultant Neurosurgeon, Consultant.

Similarly, housekeeping supervisors, staff nurses, pharmacy assistants, physiotherapy assistants, maintenance assistant technicians, dietician supervisors, computer operators, and dental hygienists and AHBs have been demanded in the fifth level.

Lumbini Pradeshik Hospital Vacancy Notices 1
Lumbini Pradeshik Hospital Vacancy Notices 2

Lumbini Provincal Hospital is situated at the Junction of Mahendra and Sidhdharth highway in Butwal Municipality of Rupandehi District in the western part of Nepal near by is the birth place of Lord Buddha, lumbini. Globally its position is latitude 270 41′ 52″ (N) and longitude 830 27’51” (E) and 865 meter above sea level.

It lies at the bottom of Siwalik hill of Palpa & Rupandehi district. This hospital covers all the districts of Lumbini zone including some south west part of Shyanja district of Gandaki zone, southern parts of Parbat and Baglung district of Dhaulagiri zone, whole part of Pyuthan district of Rapti zone and half parts of Rukum Rolpa and Dang district of Rapti zone. The hospital catches about 4 Million (40 Lakhs) population & thirteen districts of western part of Nepal.

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