Buddha Bhumi Nepal Hydro IPO Open Apply Buddha Bhumi IPO Result

IPO Share Initial Public Offering open by Buddha Bhumi Hydro. Buddha Bhumi Nepal Hydropower Company Limited is going to issue ordinary shares to the public from Ashwin 11. IPO Open Buddha Bhumi Hydropower for general public. The company is going to issue initial ordinary shares (IPO) worth Rs. 8 crore with a face value of Rs. 100 per share. The company is going to issue eight lakh ordinary shares.

The general public has to apply for this share by Ashwin 14. If the application is not completed within that period, the application can be submitted till Ashwin 20. The company had allotted 1.2 million shares equal to 30 percent (Rs. 120 million) of the 4 million ordinary shares at the face value of Rs. In which, four lakh shares with 10 percent of the issued capital to open for the locals were opened from Shrawan 32 to Bhadra 15.

Buddha Bhumi Nepal Company IPO Apply Share Process Details

IPO Application open from: Ashwin 11, 2078 BS.
Total IPO Share Unit:
8 Lakh kitta
Minimum Shares Apply:
10 Kitta
Maximum number of Shares apply:
50,000 kitta
IPO Application Closing Date (Soon):
Ashwin 14, 2078
IPO Shares Capital Merchant Office: Civil Capital Limited
IPO Result Published Date: published later (IPO Result Check Methods are given below)

Out of the 800,000 shares to be issued, five percent or 40,000 shares have been distributed to the collective investment fund and two percent or 16,000 shares have been reserved for the employees. The company is going to issue the remaining 744,000 ordinary shares from Ashwin 11. According to the statement made public by the company, a minimum of 10 lots and a maximum of 50,000 lots can be applied for in the IPO.

Buddha Bhumi Nepal Hydro Introduction-Iporesult Mero Share.cdsc.result

The company, which has a hydropower plant in Dupcheshwor village municipality of Nuwakot district, is developing a project with a capacity of 4.99 MW. The company has stated that the cost per megawatt will be Rs. 238 million. Accordingly, the current condition of the company is understood to be moderate in terms of meeting financial obligations.

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