Social Security Bonus Allowance Rate List Nepal Samajik Suraksha Bhatta

The Government of Nepal Provides various types of Social Security Fund Bonus Allowances (Samajik Suraksha Bhatta) for Nepalese Citizens. Samajik Suraksha Bhatta Social Security Bhatta for Nepalese citizens by the Government of Nepal. The government will now distribute social security allowances every three months. The government has also announced a new allowance rate after increasing it by 33 percent.

Social security allowance Bonus Bhatta: Decided to implement the increased social security allowance through the budget. Jestha Nagarik Bridda Bhatta, Ekal Mahila Bidhwa Bhatta, Apanga Bhatta.

Social Security Bonus Allowance – Samajik Suraksha Bhatta Rate Nepal

  1. Senior Citizen Allowance (above 70 years) – Rs. 4000/- Monthly
  2. Disability Allowance (Class A) – Rs. 3990/-
  3. Endangered Species – Rs. 3990/-
  4. Senior Citizen Dalit – Rs. 2660/-
  5. Senior Citizen Single Women – Rs. 2660/-
  6. Senior Citizen Area Specified – Rs. 2660/-
  7. Widow (financial assistance) – Rs. 2660/-
  8. Disability Allowance (Class B) – Rs 2128/-
  9. Child Nutrition Allowance – Rs. 532/-

The Department of National Identity Cards and Registration has announced the new social security allowance rate after an increase of 33 percent.

Types of Social Security Bonus Allowance Samajik Suraksha Bhatta

Jestha Nagarik Bhatta, Briddha Bhatta, Apangata Bhatta, Bidhuwa Bhatta, Ekal Mahila Bhatta, Loponmukh Bhatta & Bal Poshan Bhatta

सामाजिक सुरक्षा भत्ता 

सामाजिक सुरक्षाको किसिम - भत्ता रकम
1. जेष्ठ नागरिक भत्ता (७० वर्षमाथि) - रु ४०००।- मासिक
२. अपांगता भत्ता (क बर्ग) - रु ३९९०|- 
३. लोपोन्मख जाति - रु ३९९०।-
४. जेष्ठ नागरिक दलित- रु २६६०।-   
५. जेष्ठ नागरिक एकल महिला- रु २६६०।-  
६. जेष्ठ नागरिक क्षेत्र तोकिएको - रु २६६०|- 
७. विधवा (आर्थिक सहायता) - रु २६६०।-  
८. अपांगता भत्ता (ख वर्ग) - रु २१२८ 
९. बाल पोषण भत्ता- रु ५३२।- 

Though the finance minister had said that the rates of nine types of social security allowances would be increased by 33 percent, the old age allowance would be increased to Rs 4,000 through the budget speech. Earlier, senior citizens above 70 years of age will now receive Rs 4,000 for 3,000 days. From now on, the social security allowance will be distributed on a quarterly basis.

How many Peoples are the beneficiaries of Social Security Allowance Samajik Suraksha Bhatta?

According to the Department of National Identity Card and Registration, the number of service recipients receiving social security allowance has reached 3.465 million. The highest number of senior citizens above 70 years of age is 1,321,729. Although the second largest beneficiary receives child nutrition allowance in terms of numbers, the amount is mostly distributed in widow allowance. To a single woman, To receive child nutrition allowance, To a person with a complete disability, To endangered species, Dalit and To a person with a severe disability.

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