Aathrai Municipality Gaupalika Job vacancy Apply Local Level Jobs

Aathrai Municipality Gaupalika published the job vacancy notice for various posts and levels. For the Local Level Gaupalika office, for various departments and sections, Aathrai Gaupalika is going to recruit new staff. Tehrathum is one of the hilly districts of the 1st province under the 7 provinces of Nepal. Aatharai region has special importance under this district. Geographical heterogeneity, priority in the education sector, natural beauty, habitats of all ethnic groups, and the state of tourism potential are the means of identifying this region.

In addition to this, cardamom, which is considered world-famous, is the focal point of this area’s archetype. Dhaka topi, famous in Nepal, Khukuri of Atharai, Khandi cloth, paddy dance of Radipakhi Limwus, Tamang cello of Tamangs, Balun dance, Naumati baja played by Brahmins are the main features of this region.

Almost the eastern shape of Australia is in the middle of Atharai, and the north and south are narrowed. There are various legends about the naming of this area, which is a beautiful Limbuwan settlement surrounded by Tamor river in the east, Koyakhola in the west, Taplejung in the north, and Tamor river in the south.

JOb Vacancy Posts: From 5th Level Assistant, Fourth Level Assitant to Shreni Bihin Staffs

  1. Sub Engineer Jobs
  2. Assistant Sub Engineer Jobs
  3. Amin
  4. Baidha
  5. Hawaldar
  6. Jawan

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