BSC CSIT Model Questions Paper Collection Advanced Java Programming

BSC CSIT Model Questions Paper Collection by Tribhuwan University, Institute of Science & Technology. Bachelor of Science in Computer Science & Information Technology BSC CSIT Model Questions Paper. BSC Csit Seventh Semester Model Questions Paper Collection.

BSC Csit Model Question Paper Advanced Java Programming Model Questions BSC CSIT

Institute of Science and Technology
Bachelor of Science in Computer Science & Information Technology
Model Question

Course Title: Advanced Java Programming Time: 3 hours
Full Marks: 60 Pass Marks: 24
Course Code: CSC409 Semester: VII

Group ‘A’
Attempt any TWO Questions. (2 × 10 = 20)

  1. What are the uses of final modifier? Explain each use of the modifier with suitable example. (1 + 9)
  2. Write a java program to create login form with user id, password, ok button, and cancel button. Handle key events such that pressing ‘l’ performs login and pressing ‘c’ clears text boxes and puts focus on user id text box. Assume user table having fields Uid and Password in the database named account. (10)
  3. Discuss various scopes of JSP objects briefly. Create a HTML file with principal, time and rate. Then create a JSP file that reads values from the HTML form, calculates simple interest and displays it. (4 + 6)

Group ‘B’
Attempt any EIGHT Questions. (8 × 5 = 40)

  1. Write a java program that writes objects of Employee class in the file named emp.doc. Create Employee class as of your interest. (5)
  2. What are layout managers? Explain Gridbag layout with suitable example. (1 + 4)
  3. What is the use of action command in event handling? Explain with example. (1 + 4)
  4. What causes SQL exception? How it can be handled? Explain with example. (1 + 4)
  5. Write a java program using TCP such that client sends number to server and displays its factorial. The server computes factorial of the number received from client. (5)
  6. How JavaFx differs from Swing? Explain steps of creating GUI using javaFx. (2 + 3)
  7. What are different ways of writing servlet programs? Write a sample Servlet program using any one way. (1 + 4)
  8. How CORBA differs from RMI? Discuss the concepts of IDL briefly. (2 + 3)
  9. When thread synchronization is necessary? Explain with suitable example. (1 + 4)