Teacher Transfer Notice by Education Center Teacher Shikshak Saruwa Update

Teacher Transfer update notice, Teacher Saruwa Shikshak Saruwa update notice by Center for Education. Center for Education and Human Resource Development, Educational Planning and Development Division, Teacher Management Coordination Branch published notice Regarding teacher transfer.

The details of the teacher posts under the approved vacancies from Baisakh to mid-Chaitra 2079 as requested through the letter of this center through all the related education development and coordination units to be received at this center as mentioned in the details have been sent to the Teachers Service Commission through this center for the purpose of advertisement. According to the instructions, it is requested that you keep a record of the municipal/school details of vacant posts according to the level/subject number sent and not fill up permanent teacher posts by transferring them in any way and not grant transfer consent.

It is also requested according to the instructions that if there is an impact on the appointment of permanent teachers recommended by the Teachers Service Commission in the vacant posts that have been sent for advertisement, the relevant unit and municipality should be responsible for it.

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