Class 12 Exam Application Form & Class 11 Partial Grade Increment Briddhi form online apply

Rastriya Pariksha Board NEB published class 12 exam application form fill up for regular, partial & grade increment exam. Similarly, Class 11 partial & grade increment grade briddhi exam form fill up notice. National Examination Board Notice regarding filling of examination application form for Class 12 regular, grade enhancement/partial and class 11 partial/grade enhancement exam.

Students filling the application form as regular examinees of class 12 (with the first two digits of the registration number 79) must have obtained at least grade D in theory and grade C in internal assessment in all subjects of class 11 taken through the school in the year 2079. The grade sheet of class 11, which has obtained the specified minimum grade, provided by the school along with the examination application form must be certified by Q. A. Otherwise, the application form will not be valid.

  1. Examination application fee (excluding late fee) per student is Rs. 600/- (six hundred) including late fee per student Rs. 1200/- (one thousand two hundred should be deposited in the account of the National Examination Board).
    For the practical examination conducted by the board by an external examiner, the student will pay Rs. 75.- (seventy- five) more will have to be submitted. Subjects to be paid for the experimental point no. 6 is mentioned. Experimental fee Rs. 75/- (seventy five) per subject Rs. 25/- (twenty five) should be kept in the concerned school and should be provided for the remuneration of the internal examiner and the rest per subject Rs. 50/- (Fifty) Bank Voucher must be filed in the name of the concerned office of the National Examination Board before the end of January 2079. Candidates who are exempted from paying practical fee within that time will pay Rs. per subject including late fee. 150/- per subject Rs. The amount at the rate of 100/- should be deposited in the board’s account by 15th February 2079. Forms submitted with vouchers submitted after the specified date will not be accepted.
  2. The bank voucher within the period for which the amount is asked to be deposited can only be used for that purpose. Bank vouchers of different dates will not be accepted.
  3. When the school sends the examination application form of the students, they should be sent in order based on the year and registration number.
  4. The students of all the three groups, regular, grade enhancement, and partial, will have to take the exam from the designated exam center. The examination center will not change.

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