Meter Byaj Online Application Apply Meter Interest Nibedan Jilla Prasasan Apply

Meter Byaj Online Application open for Meter Byaj Pidit People. Meter Interest Byaj Nibedan apply process details. According to the decision of the Government of Nepal dated 2079 Chaitra 20, a three-member inquiry commission has been formed and preliminary work is underway.

Investigation Commission on Unfair Transactions (Meter Interest), 2079 An office has been established in Janakpur of Dhanusha since 17th Baisakh. This commission has invited applications from victims of unfair transactions (meter interest).

The victims are requested to submit an application online directly to this commission or to the district administration office in the applicant’s district.
Help desks for meter interest victims have been established in every district administration office. The application form will be available free of charge in the same room.

The District Administration Office has called for complaints regarding meter interest.

The district administration office said that a help desk has been established in the district administration office and complaints can be filed from Baisakh 17.

It has been arranged that the application form will be filled by the staff of the district administration office.
All the victims are requested to submit the application from 17th to 31st Baisakh (within 15 days).

Meter Interest Byadj Application Open: 2080 Baisakh 17 to Baisakh 31
As the Nepal government has already formed an inquiry commission, meter interest victims have been asked to file a petition.

The administration office has requested to apply by attaching all the proofs. It has also been mentioned that the application form will be provided free of charge from the help desk established in the district administration office. The victims have been asked to submit their application within 15 days from Baisakh 17.

The online link of the form to be filled by the applicant is as follows

=> Click Here to Apply Application for Meter Byaj Interest Pidit

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