Syarpu Lake Tal Rukum Paschim Karnali Pradesh Tourist Area Most Visited Place Syarpu Taal

Syarpu Lake that attracts tourists. “Syarpu, Tourism and Business Festival” has been going on in Banfikot Rural Municipality 3 of Rukum West since Ashwin 11th. This “Syarputal” is the main reason why the festival is held next to Syarputal, which is a major tourist spot in Karnali province.

This lake is full at this time. The still water flowing from Simai Chari Lake through Dadure has made Syarpu more beautiful at this time. This beautiful lake in the bosom of Sparpugaon and ten villages has enhanced the beauty of this place.

This lake spread over Ward No. 3 and 5 of Bamfikot Rural Municipality is worth seeing especially during monsoon. Spread over an area of 2.6 square kilometers, the size of Syarpu lake is different in rainy and winter. The size of the lake is almost twice as large in the rainy season as compared to the winter. The lake, which started filling up from the first week of June, gets full when it reaches the middle of Shravan. Bharibharau Lake is considered suitable for observation throughout the month of Bhadra to October. After that, the size of the lake gradually decreases. The lake looks beautiful even in winter. This place is suitable for those who are facing the noise, mud, dust and smoke of the market for a walk and refresh.

You can forget your sorrows by observing the beauty of the lake and you can enjoy yourself by boating. The traditional wooden boats have been replaced by modern stone ones for those who come to see the lake. You can enjoy boating till you die. The boat operators say that the number of people visiting the lake has increased due to the replacement of wooden boats from the lake and the installation of modern boats and the operation of homestays for food and accommodation. People also come to celebrate holidays. Those who come to see the lake do not return without taking a boat.

Locals also believe that bathing here is beneficial for health as the water flowing from the top of the mountain mixes with the lake. Locals say that water with herbs gets mixed in the lake. Due to lack of necessary publicity and concrete planning, many people are still ignorant about Syarpu Lake. Although there is a lot of potential for tourism, Syarputal remains anonymous due to the silence of the stakeholders in the promotion of tourism here.

Creating a master plan for the tourism promotion of Syarpu, making the budget for Syarpu Lake transparent and spending the said budget on productive programs. If this can be done, it will help in the promotion of tourism in Syarpu.

Now, the festival is organized under the management of Rukum Paschim, the National Folk and Dual Song Institute, organized by the rural municipality. Tul Devkota, president of the foundation, informed that hundreds of tourists are coming daily to observe Syarpu along with the festival.