Top Tips & Tricks to Prepare Banking Exam At Home

TOP TIPS & Tricks for Banking Exam Preparation. Government Banking Exam Preparation Tips & Tricks. How to Prepare Banking Service Exam. How To Crack Banking Service. In the contest to Nepal, there are lots of Banking sector services. Day by day banking service customers are increasing, so banking career opportunity is one of the best career options for the young generation. The exam itself determines the future of the examinee. Gives special meaning and importance to life. One of the fastest ways to survive is through exams.

So it is important to succeed in the exam. Since life is a test, an answer is needed at every moment. Whether it is a competitive service commission exam, Banking Service Exam, or a license or a school or university exam, success can be achieved only if the examinee has a deep knowledge of the subject matter and a high level of skill, style, and writing skills to answer the question.

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The major bank service exams conducted by Lok Sewa Aayog in the country include with Vacancy Open Date Schedule
1. Nepal Rastra Bank (NRB)- Vacancy Open in Mangsir/Poush
2. Rastriya Banijya Bank (RBB)- Vacancy Open in Kartik/Mangsir
3. Nepal Bank Limited (NBL)- Vacancy Open in Kartik/Mangsir
4. Agriculture Development Bank (ADBL)- Vacancy Open in Poush/Magh
5. Infrastructure Development Bank (IDB)- Vacancy Open in Kartik/Mangsir

In a Banking service opportunity, Now is the time for exams. The student’s attention is focused on reading. How to get better results? This is often the focus of the student’s attention. In a sense, this is also true. However, running for results can be stressful, which can be counterproductive during exams.

Banking Service Exam Preparation Candidates can check the detailed wise Syllabus at the below linked article. Click Here

Tips & Tricks for Banking Service Exams Preparation at Home

Here are some important tips, tricks & study processes on how to prepare for bank service exams at home:

1. Proper planning about the examination:
2. Understand the exam pattern and syllabus:
3. Update yourself:
4. Study Topic wise:
5. Creating the Best Study Plan:
6. Make a timetable for self-study:

Let’s make a schedule instead of reading a book day and night. How much time to study in the morning or how much time in the evening? Let’s determine that. The reading schedule can be made accordingly. It manages the time well and does not feel the pressure of studying.

7. Completely Read all the syllabus topic-wise:
8. Learn By Using External Sources with online resources:

You Can Learn Via Various Youtube Channel & Facebook Pages : In Youtube Click Here=>> In Facebook Click Here=>>

9. Practice more With Old Questions Answer:

The style of memorizing or reciting a text is not considered very effective, especially for memorization. The writing method is suitable for memorizing or understanding what you have read.

It is easy to remember what was written. Therefore, the method of writing questions and answers in the style of the exam can be adopted. It also helps you practice writing on exams and boosts your self-confidence. To memorize any text is to read or write a book and meditate on it with closed eyes.

10. Revision & Repeat is also the most important facts
11. Proper Exercise, Motivation, Positive Attitude Proper Diet & Tension-free

There is a habit of reading books day and night during exams. Reading late at night, getting up early in the morning to look at the book again. Parents expect the same, which can be a burden for the student. So you should rest from time to time while reading. Take a short walk, play or have some fun. It is best to do yoga or pranayama, it keeps the brain healthy and active. Helps to concentrate.

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