Our Vision

1. We SchoolNp Team aim to disseminate knowledge and promote education for the overall benefit of the country.

2. Our goal is to enhance students’ abilities, promote the overall development of their abilities and personality, and use their future role in society in the work of the society.

3. Our team’s primary goal is to establish a culture of education in the country and expand the benefits of knowledge by providing access to the wider community as a whole.

4. We also aim to establish a community of scholars, students and staff.

5. We have also taken the main goal of guiding the students with the objective of providing quality and employment-oriented education.

6. We have thought of moving forward with the suggestions of the Government of Nepal at the center along with the citizens, academics, and business people to connect the educational programs with the community.

SchoolNp Team,
Sanothimi, Bhaktapur