Church Boys United Football Club Who is Church Boys Football Club

Church Boys United Football Club was established in B.S. 2066. The founder of Church Boys United Football Club is Reuben Rai. After the establishment of the club in the year 2066, we failed to qualify for the ‘C’ division five times in a row. Ever since he was selected for the ‘C’ division league, it was his dream to play in the top division. Today is the moment when the dream has come true for us,” said Ruven Rai, who has been leading the club since its inception, to Online Khabar. Credit goes to all those who have contributed to the success of the club.

It was not easy for the Church Boys to overcome the challenges of the two old clubs of Nepali football, Ranipokhari Corner Team RCT and Boys Union and the runner-up of the last edition, Khumaltar Youth Club. However, Chairman Rai says that such results are expected from the team.

Chuch Boys United Football club OFFICIAL ACTIVE BODY

Church Boys United Football Club Kathmandu

Executive Board 2020-2024

Reuben Rai


Visionary, loving and passionate Mr. Rai from Mai in Ilam is founding president of the club and actively supports the team since its establishment. 

Tendup Lama


Born in 1960, humble and hard working Mr. Lama from Pokhara loves football very much and has experience of working in sports for a quite long time now. 

Bikram Lama

Creative Executive Officer

Sharp and talented Mr. Lama, from Kavre served Nepal international. He captained first division clubs, and is an integral part of Church Boys United from the beginning.

Janaranjan Devkota


Football loving Mr. Devkota serves in different social organization, sports and education sectors and his love and passion toward football is priceless.  “The first thing is that we signed the best players who did not get to play in the A Division League. We started training as soon as ANFA announced the league,’ Rai explained the reason for success, ‘Our team was already set when other teams started training.’

Rai registered the club with the National Sports Council, Lalitpur to quench his hunger for football. His plan was to build a club and play football. After registration, the helper increased. The dream continued to grow. In 2067, the team that came second in the C Division selection did not succeed in four consecutive editions.

Vikram Lama, Ruven Rai and Ramesh Dangal.
Meanwhile, Mofusal’s gold cups were playing. The Church Boys have won the Damak Gold Cup, Basaha Gold Cup, Pathibhara Gold Cup, Duhvi Gold Cup, Surunga Gold Cup and other Mofusal knockout competitions. Tej Tamang, Dinesh Rajwanshi and other members of the national team played from Church Boys. President Rai said that everyone who played and supported his team earlier contributed to this success.

The club has also appreciated the invisible support of the former midfielder of the national team, Vikram Lama. Vikram, the captain of Three Star in the A Division League, has been contracted with Church Boys in some role since the beginning of his career.

Despite not being in an official role, Vikram’s strategy has helped a lot in winning the B Division League title. Ramesh Dangal, who played for Dhangadhi FC in the Nepal Super League (NSL) last year, is contracted to the team as an assistant coach.

Request not to doubt the name ‘Church Boys’

Chairman Rai initially tried to register the club under the name of Himalayan Boys. As this name has already been used, Church Boys came to his mind while looking for an alternative. Ilam Mai Municipality is a Rai Christian with a permanent home.

Generally, Christians in Nepal are accused of bagging, stealing, etc. This club has been established with the aim of contributing through football with the belief that we Christians should also do our part for the development of the game,” Rai clarified, “We follow the guidelines of FIFA, AFC and ANFA. We want to contribute under the law and constitution of Nepal.

It is mentioned in the international rules of football that it cannot be used as a means of evangelism. Rai has made it clear that the football club was not opened to preach religion and does not preach religion. He said, “Don’t make assumptions by connecting us with the name. There are people of all religions in the board of directors of the club. For the development of football, we are starting from a collective spirit, rising above religion.

Reuben Rai, President of the Church Boys Club.
Church boys have started to be accused of foreign aid in the source of their financial income. Chairman Rai has made it clear that no money has come from foreign donors in the budget of 48 lakh rupees.

“Until now, we have been running the club by raising money among the members of the board of directors,” he said. Saying that the churches are against football or any sport, Chairman Rai reiterated that the club does not preach religion.

The goal is to focus the club on Mofusal QB has not yet made any plans regarding the strategy after being promoted to the A Division. There is one match left in the B division. However, top division teams must meet certain criteria to get AFC club license. There is a provision that the club should have its own academy and age group teams and grounds.

After the league is over, we will discuss the future plans with the club’s executive committee. Of course there will be many challenges in the top division. The main thing is the financial challenge. The support of us sponsors, well-wishers and club officials will be the main thing for the management of the club and the building of a great team,” said President Rai.

He expressed his personal opinion that the club’s football activities should be focused on Mofsal. The best talents of football are in the village. “Why not arrange practice and training in a suitable environment,” Rai said. For that, he plans to establish a regional academy in one of Ilam, Jhapa or Morang in the east and arrange regular training.

Our central academy will be in Kathmandu. We are still collaborating with Mankamana School,” said President Rai, “We will establish an academy at the regional level and produce players.”