Visit Date Shift DOTM Driving License Office Visit Date Timetable

DOTM Department of Transport Management Office published the Visit Date Shit details of the Driving license. Office Visit Date Shift of Driving License. All the listed below candidates are requested to visit the office for the Driving license further process. Online Driving License Form Application Submission date and Office Visit Date Shift details are given below.

Online Driving License Office Visit Date Shift Timetable details. Information regarding the details of the service recipients who have Office Visit Date till the following date. There is also a request for information on how to apply for biometric registration on a date other than the newly established visit date and to re-publish the information in the case of applicants whose office visit date has been fixed after 07 Sep 2022.

Driving License Visit Date Driving License Biometric Registration Date Notice

Driving License Visit Date Notice published by Yatayat Byabastha Office, Department of Transport Management Office. Driving License Visit Shift date & Biometric Registration Date published by Yatayat Office.

How To Apply for Biometric Registration of Online Driving License- Visit Date Shift for Biometric Registration

Driving license Visit Date Biometric Registration Date Driving License DOTM Hetauda

Driving license Visit Date Biometric Registration Date Driving License DOTM Kathmandu Thulo Bharyang

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=> Apply Online Driving License Application Online

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